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Standard L.E.D., Neon, and Non Illuminated Channel Letters


The channel letter fabrication process begins with precision cutting of the backs and faces on a CNC router table.


The aluminum returns are then cut, notched and flanged using our computer driven Arete Return Shop. 


Aluminum backs and returns are fastened without the need for drilling and riveting or other hardware. The Letter Lock 2000 binds the sheet metal without hardware.

Standard channel letter backs and returns are fabricated from prefinished aluminum in standard Wrisco colors:
Returns may also be painted any standard PMS color.  

Acrylic faces are available in standard colors.
They may also feature a first surface translucent vinyl overlay
to accommodate nearly any color. 1" trim cap retainers provide a finished look and are the means by which the face is secured to the return. They are available in a full spectrum of colors. Trim cap retainers are precision cut and mitered via our computer driven Arete Trim Shop.

         To assist you in determining various color combinations for returns, faces, and trim cap, please follow the link below:

Reverse Welded Channel Letters

Reverse welded channels may be non illuminated or halo illuminated with either L.E.D. or neon tubing.  Illuminated letters are fabricated complete with Lexan backs and Riv-nuts for easy installation. 

Standard reverse welded channels comprise .090" mill finished aluminum faces with .063" x 3" mill finished returns. They are then custom spray painted or powder coated in a wide variety of colors .



Injection Molded Channel Letters

Slim-line channels  finishing approximately 2" deep feature a nearly invisible can and trimless face. Opaque white cans approximately 3/4” deep and a corresponding formed acrylic face. May be LED illuminated. Faces may be flat or rounded.
Each 5" deep injection molded channel letter is perfect due to the precision toolmaking of the molds used to manufacture this product. While only 2 type styles are available (Helvetica and Times Bold), they may be ordered in nearly any color combination of cans and faces.  
Available in heights of 9" 12" 15" 18" 24".

Low Profile Formed Channels

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